Friday, February 5, 2016

Side 2

I've been making steady progress on Medieval Octagon.  



I did make a couple of changes.  The vines up the side were supposed to be in WL Jade, I think.  I accidently did them in my conversion from WL Emerald.  I decided I liked my oops well enough I would leave it along and noted the change so all four sides will be the same.  I also changed those blue flowers.  They were supposed to be outlined in WL Emerald.  I wasn't excited about back stitching blue with green.  So I checked my stash and found a PTB in a dark blue.  I think it's PB08 which gave my flowers a bit of pop to go along with all the gold back stitching.  


Heather said...

It looks great!

Keebles said...

I am always terrified to make changes to patterns and completely jealous when someone else pulls it off beautifully! Congrats!