Thursday, February 25, 2016

Blackwork update

Part 2 has stitched up fairly quickly.  I did make a fairly big change in it though.  Martina charted the upper right and the lower left parts in a couple different shades of gold.  I decided I wasn't fond of that as it made the piece look kind of choppy.  So I changed the blackwork in those two sections to the same color as the upper left and bottom right.  I think the result is more cohesive, IMHO.

upper left 2/21/16

upper right 2/23/16

overall 2/23/16

I'm happy.

What are you all stitching?


Marlene jones said...

A cushion with a football logo, Sheffield United, all red and white, boring but it's a gift. I love your project

Heather said...

It's looking great I love your color change!

Anonymous said...

beautiful work!