Monday, February 29, 2016

Medieval Octagon part 2

Last weekend was very quiet at our house.  If it hadn't been so windy, we may have tried doing something outside; but it wasn't so we stayed inside for most of the weekend.  In between loads of laundry, I worked on Medieval Octagon.  Saturday, I finished the lower right blackwork.

Yesterday afternoon, I finished the lower left.

Here is everything through part 2

After I finished this, I put it away and pulled out Loneliness of Autumn but I couldn't settle down with it.  I only managed about 150-200 stitches in about 4 hours so I gave up and read a book for the rest of the evening.  I think I'll try again tonight but if I can't get into it, I'll probably either go back to Medieval Octagon or go through my WIPs and see if anything else catches my attention.