Sunday, January 11, 2015

I see the moon!

First up.  The stitchy stuff.   Friday, I finally started feeling a little better and picked Earth Song back up.  I filled in the moon last night along with lots of 939.  The current picture is below.

Second.  I've been pretty persistent with a potential job.  I have an interview set up for Monday morning (happy thoughts please!).  I friend knows the owner and has given me a very nice reference so I hope it goes well.  I am also working with two staffing companies which have talked about a position at a company a little bit closer.  One has already sent my resume over.  Im optimistic which is why my outlook has gotten better and I've been able to pick my stitching back up. 


Heather said...

I didn't read this til now (Monday) but I hope it went well! You're stitching is beautiful :)

stitchstitchknit said...

Your work on Earth moon looks fantastic and I hope your review went well and you'll have some great new to share =)