Monday, January 21, 2013

Snow, baby snow!

It's amazing how much stitching one I seem to get done when my DH isn't home.  Since he works most Sundays and today was a holiday so the kids didn't have school, I got two days to stitch with limited interruptions.  I need to win the lottery or something so that can happen more often!  I'm doubly glad I didn't have to go anywhere today since we got some snow and drivers in the city where I work don't seem to be able to remember how to drive on it.  So double yay!

With my abundance of stitching time, I managed to finish part 2 of Iris B that I'm stitching with Sticklounge.  I have made changes to the charted colors just because I didn't feel like ordering what I was missing opting to stitch from my stash instead.  The gold is the only major change.  It was charted as a darker gold color instead of the antique gold I'm using.  I'm still happy with the way it looks though.


Ineke said...

Beautiful stitching Sarah.

Julie said...

Looks so pretty.

Congrats on both finishes from last post.ABC looks huge.

Jo said...

looks great, glad you enjoyed the Snow Day x

Linda Knowles said...

Looks great and you use beautiful Colors!

Anonymous said...

You made great use of your stitching time. Everything looks lovely.