Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Loara Standish

You know how you can just dread things and start to build up how terrible they'll be in your head?  Well, Loara has kind of had that kind of effect on me since I first purchased the chart.  We'd worked up a silk conversion on the HDF BB.  I had her all kitted up and ready to go and I just couldn't make that leap to put silk to linen and start!

I finally started Loara on 1/1/13 and put a length of thread into her just to be able to say "I've started"  Last night since she's been sitting on the couch next to me since 1/1/13 and I finished part 2 of Iris, I pulled her out and put a couple of stitches into her.  But since I'm stitching on 50ct Kingston, I had a little bit of trouble seeing the threads and was too lazy to go out into the cold to the car and get my glasses out of my purse.

Tonight was a totally different story.  I put my glasses into my stitching bag before I left work so I would actually be able to see what I was doing and I have now completed the first row of Loara.

That is the entire first band.  Doesn't look like much, I know, but the Standish stitch has 7 passes of needle through linen in it so it takes a little bit to do.  But it's very pretty.

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Nicola said...

Well done on making a start. I have been considering this chart for some time and will be following your progress closely.

I was wondering what make of frame are you using?