Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 new starts

I started a couple of projects from my 2013 WIPocalypse list today.

First there's Loara Standish.  She's stitched on 50ct Kingston that I coffee dyed so the fabric count is probably higher than that.  The count is a little bit of a challenge to start, but once I figured out the Standish stitch, it wasn't too bad.  I'm stitching with a silk conversion that was done on the HDF BB a couple of years ago.

Then there's Dorothy Walpole.  The chart is from the Scarlet Letter.  I converted the DMC listed on the chart to HDF and I'm stitching on a piece of 36ct linen from a HDF grab bag.  The linen color looks like a coffee color.  It wasn't marked since it was in a grab bag.

Here's hoping you all had lots of time to stitch and there were lots of fun starts today.  I'm going to put these new ones away for now and go back to 1900 ABC.  I finished the first band of stitching on page 21 last night.  I'm hoping I can get another band done tonight and I just got part 2 of Iris in my e-mail a little bit ago.  

Decisions, decisions.  It could be worse!  ;)

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Nicola said...

I admire you taking on Loara on such a small count. Will follow your progress with great interest. I have been toying with stitching her for some time.