Friday, December 14, 2012

South sea

I finally finished part 7 of Deep Blue Sea last night.  This part drove me absolutely crazy!  You'd think I can't count or something.  I originally miscounted the coral placement which is what got it pulled off the q-snaps and put away for a little while.  Then, after I got the coral back in and the pink fish finished, I discovered I still can't count.  At that point there was absolutely no way I was going to frog it all and restitch.  Thankfully, everything fit in the space without frogging and I think it looks fine as is.  So, here's the whole thing

And here's just part 7

I moved the q-snaps last night to start part 8.  Work sucks today though, so we'll see how far I get at lunch.

I've also started thinking about my stitching wish list for 2013.  Measi is doing a WIPocalypse for 2013 too so, since it worked fairly well as incentive this year, I've joined for 2013 too.  

Here's my current list:

1. Chatelaine's Watergarden about half done
2. Bygone Stitches One Nation about half done
3. Chatelaine's Summer Knotgarden part 3,4,5,6 in progress
4. Christmas tree skirt (kit) approx half done
5. HAED Lust third row of stitching page 14 completed
6. Chatelaine's 2012 Mystery Deep Blue Sea part 7 complete
7.  1900 ABC (Sticklounge) part 19/24 complete
8.  Loara Standish sampler new start
9.  Dorothy Walpole new start
10.  Ann Bowers new start

This weekend, I'm hoping to get a bunch of things done.  I need to finish putting the doll bed together, I've started cutting pieces for the quilt, I need to stitch a quick ornament or two for my baby sitter and finish finish them, the village Christmas party is Saturday and Josh is celebrating his 7th birthday this weekend with a movie and a couple of friends.  I'll let you know how much I actually accomplish.


Nicola said...

It looks absolutely fabulous. You have my admiration.

Kate said...

It looks gorgeous and nobody wouldve ever known if you hadnt said ;)