Monday, September 3, 2012

Vacation pics

As you can tell from my title, I'm going to share some pictures from our vacation last month.  The first two are from the top of Capulan Volcano.

The scene from our cabin the first night we were there.


So tame!  If my DH had had some bread, he might have managed to make friends.

There were about a half dozen of these guys running around.  They were very people friendly and would eat right out of your hand.  One even crawled into my MIL's lap looking for more food!

The Rio Grand gorge just north of Taos

I believe this is Wheeler Peak.  DH and I climbed it before we had children.  This is the mountain that made me tell him never, ever again!

Dinosaur tracks.  They're defiantly more weathered than the last time we were there.  It was interesting being able to see them though.

Stitchy update to come soon!  Gotta take a couple of pictures!

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Joysze said...

Loved these, Sarah. :D Thanks for sharing them. :D