Thursday, August 23, 2012


I just finished page 13!!  One of my goals this year on the HAED BB was to get the whole row of pages not gonna happen, but the confetti that makes up all those little flames is done till I get to the other side.  That's good, because I've got to let the hole I poked in my finger pushing the needle through the mess that is the back heal before I can consider coming back to her.

@Melinda - Yep!  I make my own q-snap covers.  First ones I made were done using the instructions here.

@Andie - Summer Knotgarden is another Chatelaine I converted to use HDF

Now, I need to go dig Window out of the WIP pile.  I'd like to stay caught up till it it's finished and it won't be too long till page 14 comes out.


Kate N said...

She is so gorgeous! :)

Isadarena said...

I am really impressed by your stitching : so wonderful !!

Joysze said...

YEAH!!!! I was soooooo wanting to see this in its entirety. :D She looks AMAZING!!