Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My oldest was running a temp this morning so instead of going to work, we stayed home and I got to stitch.   I just pulled One Nation of the q snaps and it's almost half done.  Just the stars and the rest of the stripes to go.  I could probably finish this in a couple more weeks, but I need to pick something else up that doesn't have red, white or blue in it.

This weekend, it looks like we may be taking a little drive.  Originally, we were expecting Ed's sister and her boyfriend to come up for the long weekend but the weather last night kinda changed those plans.  Ed's mom called after she crawled out of their basement.  There was a tornado that dropped down about a block from their house.  Doesn't sound like their house was touched other than by debris, but after the tornado that Ed survived in '04, he's still hyper sensitive to them especially when they impact family. 


mdgtjulie said...

Sorry to hear that your MIL had damage from the tornado. Hopefully, it's nothing severe, and you can get it all fixed up when you go down. It's nice of you to do that for family. I hope the trip goes well and that the damage is minimal. And I hope you get to have some fun instead of just working hard the whole time!!!

Joysze said...

Oh dear.. I'm way behind on your blog.

Tornadoes have been really bad this year.... how is your MIL doing?