Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Heat Wave!!

Holy cow batman!  We've gone from highs in the mid 60s to this.  Can you see right under the spedometer?  Ignore the fact I was taking pictures while I was driving.  Yes this says that the temp was 101!!  In early May!!  The official temperature was only 94 but still .  YUCK!!

This is what we did for Mother's Day.  I know you probably can't tell what exactly this is, so I'll tell you.  I've got tomato plants and 4 varieties of peppers.  YUM!  Poor babies weren't happy yesterday though.  They didn't think much of the temps either.

This is my front flower bed.  For the last 6 years, we've added to it without doing much of anything else to it.  This year I raked all the mulch off it and we added lots of goodies to make the plants happy.  Here's DH adding composted manure. 

 After all that hard work, here's the result.  Pretty flower bed.
 Last night around 12:30am I finally finished the final cardinal.  I was so close that I couldn't just stop mid cardinal!


Joysze said...

Holy moly at that heat!!! Is it holding on?

Flower bed looks awesome, Sarah. Do take pics when the pretties start poking their heads out.

Winter Watergarden is so fab! I really love those cardinals.

Sarah said...

Joyce, the forecast high is 95 today. Right now, my handy, dandy phone (alright too much blues clues when my kids were little little!) tells me it is 90. But get this, the forecast for Friday has highs of 63.

mdgtjulie said...

I hope you get a little bit of spring. We've had lots of spring temps (thank God) and lots of rain (not so much thank God as Oh, God, no more, lol) for the spring season. There was quite a bit of flooding here so we could have used less rain. It seems to have evened out now. It's 61 at nine forty five PM, and tomorrow's forecasted high is for 62. And rain, of course!! Can't wait to see your flowers blooming. And WW looks great. I love cardinals, and her use in this piece really pops, doesn't it?!? Keep up the good work and soon you'll be done.