Saturday, April 2, 2011

Playin hookey!

I've been naughty this week. Monday and Tuesday, I stayed home from work for no good reason. It's been a very long March at work. To make a long story short, on Feb 1, the server at work crashed. It took a month to get the data restored and installed on a new server. So the month of March involved all the work from February and March. Fun!! Not. I did get caught up by the 15th of March though. So I thought I deserved a couple days off. Here's what I've gotten accomplished this week. Part 5 of Homage to Japan. Those rows of squares at the very top were supposed to be every single color in this piece. I decided I didn't want to do that so I picked out one color for each row. It stitched up much faster this way! Part 2 of Purple Garden. Looking at the chart of this one made me realize that I had looked at it wrong. I only needed the darkest color for the central motif on the larger motif in the top left corner. This part stitched up in an evening. Part 3 came out Friday and I'm planning to pick this piece back up is just a little bit.
Part 4 of Winter Watergaden. I had the upper leaves on this one stitched up Thursday night since Martina was kind enought to release this part a day early. We went out to supper and got groceries last night though, so I was only able to to get the third leaf done and finished part 4 today. I really love these leaves! I did find a counting error in the trees while stitiching part 4 but I'm not going to tell where it is. I'm NOT going to frog the trees!
I also picked up Frosty Knotgarden for a little while this week and got the upper right side of part5 and 6 done. 1900 ABC also got some attention. I got about half a page done on that one. Both of those will make an appearance here when they make some more progress.


Ineke said...

Beautiful stitching Sarah! You stitched the new part of Winter Watergarden really quick.

Marlene said...

Winter watergarden looks great, I started mine late and am playing catchup, as for your stitch in the wrong place, mother nature is not perfect, so you are reflecting her.

Joysze said...

Wow, Sarah... you've had a fruitful stitchy week! Everything looks awesome. :D