Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring Knotgarden

Since with regards to stitchy stuff it seems I have no will power, last week I started Spring Knotgarden. It might have had something to do with the fact it was dreary and raining outside, or not.
Since I took this picture after midnight with my phone, the colors are a little off. I'm actually stitching on 28 ct white Monaco with all the silks converted to HDF

Saturday, temps broke a record. It reached 90 degrees in Lincoln. The boys were so thrilled to break out the summer wear that Jakob put on a tank top and managed to get sunburned. I went to town and to Menards and bought lumber to build 2 bookcases. Both the boys need some kind of storage in their rooms. Depending on how these turn out, I'll be building more for actual books! I'll post pics here when I get them built. I'm still trying to decide if I want to stain them or just paint them. I'll probably let the boys choose.

Yesterday, Ed and I planted some cold crops in the garden. I'm soooo looking forward to fresh spinach and lettuce!!


Ineke said...

I can imagine you couldn't wait any longer and started stitching this pretty design.

Gillie said...

Goodness, some very pretty things you are stitching, Sarah! Especially the purple one.

Patches said...

Wow 90. You convert the Variegated as well then? I have always been too afraid to do that but I may have to try it.

Lovely start, looking forward to seeing more.