Thursday, March 3, 2011

Well, work has been a little hectic this week so I didn't get my part 2 of Winter Watergarden done as quickly as I would have liked. Our server went down and could not be recessitated on January 31st. It was so old that we had to have the data restored and put into a brand spankin new server...which took time and a rather large chunk of money...lesson learned...always back up your computer/server/whatever. It's much cheaper in the long run.
February turned out to be very stitchy for me at work though. After all, there is only so much cleaning that can be done, right?

Everything came back online and user friendly Tuesday. Of course, Jakob decided that running a temp for two days was the way to go. Unfortunately for him, he had to come to work with me since he only running the temp.
Without my daily stitching time over my lunch hour this week, I've slowed way down. But I've finally finished part 2 of Winter Watergarden done. Yea!

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Marlene said...

I have my threads and beads, I plan to start mine on Monday, can't wait.