Sunday, March 6, 2011


Don't you just love a Sunday when you can just be lazy and do whatever you want? That's what today has been like so far and it's already 4pm. Unfortunatly Ed informed me last week that he's only got 6 more weeks that he works Sunday-Thursday. He will be going back to a regular work week. Bummer! I really liked Sunday's that didn't involve anything but me, my kids, some laundry and most importantly, lots of stitching!

Last night, I got my first corner of part 3 of Winter Watergarden done. There are a LOT of color changes in those little trees. I got them all done yesterday but it took all day and there isn't that much stitching in them. I've started the next corner, but I'm not really feeling trees right now I guess. I haven't made a lot of progress today.
While the boys were napping, I cut a piece of 40ct Creme Brulee from HDF so I can start this

Here's my floss toss. Note the manilla envelope in the background? I'm supposed to be doing taxes too! In my defense, I've started, I just need to get half a dozen more pieces of paper rounded up and we're all set. Don't tell my DH that though. He thinks he needs a Harley Davidson. I think property taxes are more tell me! I've also told him he needs to quit smoking for a month and I'll consider it. I'll keep you updated on that one.

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Joysze said...

Your Sunday sounds like mine. I actually didn't do very much but stitch all weekend on Taj. Your WWatergarden is looking fantastic!!

Your new project looks awesome!! Thanks for the linkie. I've downloaded it for posterity, LOL!

How's Jakob feeling?