Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I know, three posts in two days is a lot fore me, but I picked up a frame a little while ago and wanted to share.

The frame is just set over the fabric so there's lots of wrinkles, but I'm pleased with the result. Now I need to go see if I have a piece of foam core big enough to lace this over and order some glass. I picked up a couple of other frames when I ordered this one that I really need to get motivated to frame too. Probably won't happen this weekend.

DH's cousin is getting married Saturday afternoon and Ed's folks are coming up Thursday night. That they're still coming up really suprises me since they have a new grandbaby as of Sunday morning. Baby Eden Claire finally made her appearance which is probably a huge relief to her mom who was looking VERY uncomfortable when we saw them in early August. I have to see if I can save pictures from Facebook. Seems those are the only pictures we get to see. The boys are excited about having a new cousin. Josh reaaallllyyyy wants to hold her. Thankfully, we probably won't see them till Thanksgiving. Then everybody involved will probably be ok with him and Jakob both holding her and trying to make her laugh.

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