Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Did anyone get a good view of the eclipse yesterday?  We live in the area of totality and the sky ended up being very cloudy so we couldn't see the eclipse itself but the 360 degree sunset was interesting.  I'm very glad I took yesterday off from work too since we live in a little village in the country and the highway was packed.  The interstate to the north was a madhouse.  No thank you!

Instead, I got to do way more cooking than I generally do since my in-laws came up for the eclipse.  I did get some stitching done though.  This is page one of He Came With the Rain from UnconventionalXS.  That bottom right corner starts to see the girl's headwear and was all confetti.  The rest of it wasn't too bad though.

Saturday morning, I pulled out Feathers in the Wind from Tilton Crafts.  I think I made some huge progress!  Here's before

And here's my progress as of last night

I LOVE tent with large blocks of color!


Marlene jones said...

It's such a shame you did not get to see the eclipse, it was the same here in UK a few years ago, we drove to the mountains in South Wales to get a great view and the day was cloudy, so we saw very little. Love your stitching.

The Crafty Princess said...

Wow I love both of your wips. The colours in Rain are so dramatic and vibrant and the colours in Feathers are so subdued and beautiful. Such great progress too. Good job
xo Alicia