Thursday, August 10, 2017

Page 23

Last night, I finished page 23 of Lust!

I've started page 24 and am hoping to finish that page by the weekend, but since school starts next week, we have meetings and open houses tonight.  This weekend, I'm planning on making salsa verde and doing something with the over abundance of elderberries on the bushes.  The corn also needs picked, cut off cobs and frozen and I think there are tomatoes ready to go.  Busy, busy!


Stitching Angel said...

Well done on your page finish she looks great.

The Crafty Princess said...

Almost there, well done on finishing page 23. Yep you sound like its going to be a busy week. Hope you find a little stitching time.
xo Alicia

phann son said...

Sorry can't help with identifying the butterfly, it is lovely though. Well done on your progress on Lust, best of luck with that confetti.