Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Here stitchy bug!

I'm still trying to tempt my stitchy bug and it's not working so well.

Last Thursday, I couldn't face any more roses on Beaded Dragonfly Tile for a bit.  It was bad enough that I didn't even finish the leaves I was working on.  

I pull it off my qsnaps and pulled He Came With the Rain back out for the weekend.

I put about 1050 stitches in this and pulled it back off my qsnaps.  Then I went digging through some older kitted projects and found Steve Rousseau's Old European Sampler that was a freebie through the Needleprint blog in 2010

I have this kitted in HDF silks and made a little progress last night.

Time will tell if this one stays out for a bit.  


Marlene jones said...

I loved stitching European sampler, it's for a cushion front once our room is decorated.

The Crafty Princess said...

Don't worry Sarah you will find it. It's a good idea to go through all your wips and stitch what you think will be fun. Your bug will return. I love stitching with silks, hopefully this one will keep you motivated for a bit.
xo Alicia