Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday, Monday

It's another dreary, rainy Monday here.  Hopefully that quits soon since DS#1 has his last football game of the season tonight.  My in-laws have come up for this one and since they're here, my DH is actually going to go.  Gotta act like a parent sometimes!  Since they came up yesterday, a lot of my stitchy time last week and definitely last weekend were sucked up by house projects and cleaning.  Progress on Feathers in the Wind was made though.

Hopefully, I'll be able to pull off another page finish and rotate to something with more color than greys and purple.

It's supposed to freeze this week so we're probably going to have to pick the garden one last time.  I have bell peppers to cut and freeze, fooled you jalapenos to make into something, serranos that I won't touch and a couple others to figure out.  We might just pick them all and spread them out on the kitchen table so I can get an idea of whats there.  I might make cowboy candy out of the jalapenos.  I hear great things about it.  So, maybe.


The Crafty Princess said...

I'm so glad you continued with Feathers, I know you weren't feeling it when you started, but it looks great so far. Good luck getting the page finish. Cowboy Candy sounds pretty awesome.
xo Alicia

Pull the other thread said...

Fantastic progress on Feathers.

Heather said...

Beautiful progress :)