Sunday, April 12, 2015

16 Colors and Lust

Last fall, several people on the HDF BB started DMC's 16 New Floss Colors Geometric Motifs in their choice of colors.  They came up with some gorgeous variations.  I'm a big fan of blue so I decided to pull some of the new blues and use those for my 16 colors.  I got as far as getting my blues chosen and fabric and stuck it all in a box.  Today, I stitched up the first block.  I asked my youngest son to pick a color and he chose Old Maid of the Depths.

I've made slow but steady progress on Lust this week.  I'm really ready to rotate to something else though.  Problem is, I don't know for sure what I 'm going to rotate to.  Here's where she stands right now.

I'm probably going to stick with her for a while longer but probably won't see a page finish.

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Heather said...

Looking good on both!