Tuesday, December 2, 2014


The beading is done!  This is probably one of my fastest Chatelaine stitches at just under a month 11/3/14-12/1/14

Next, I think I'm going to tackle one of my oldest WIPs and see if I can't get it closer to finished too.  It's a Dimensions tree skirt "Here Comes Santa."  I think I had it out last December.  Here's the last picture I took.

I remember buying this since it was on clearance and my kids were little.  I need to finish it before my kids are all grown up!


Ineke said...

Congratulations on another beautiful Chatelaine finish!
You still have a couple of years to finish the tree skirt before your boys are grown up.

Heather said...

Beautiful finish and I love the tree skirt!

Marlene jones said...

Lovely finish, feeling guilty here my Chatelaine is still a WIP. love the tree skirt

Faith... said...

Congrats on your finish, it is stunning!