Tuesday, August 20, 2013

An update

Creative title, no?  Sorry, I couldn't think of anything better today.  Too many other things going on.  

My kids started school Monday.  The oldest started 5th grade and is now in middle school.  The youngest is second grade and says he hates school.  But I think it's getting better.

I think I've mentioned that I've recently changed jobs.  The last one is still giving me problems though.  So, I've contacted my state Department of Labor and once I e-mail them some additional information, they'll be contacting that employer for me.  That just leaves my Simple IRA that still has not been paid by said employer for July's withholding.  Big booboo for employer if I contact the IRS which I really don't want to to do.

Then, yesterday, I got a text from my Mom who says she missed a step at home and broke her leg.  She's not allowed to put weight on it for 2 weeks.  My brother went out yesterday and my sister should be there now.  My sister has a work from home job so as long as she has her lap top she's set.  She'll probably be staying two to three weeks.  I'm planning on taking the boys out this weekend, but I have almost no vacation time at the new job so I'm kind of stuck.

Anyway, you're here for the stitching.

I made a little more progress on Watergarden.  I got through all the grey for the third eighth of the border and decided that was a good place to take a break.  It will come back out in September.

Then I pulled Dorothy back out late Wednesday night.  In between getting distracted by a book and canning 30+ pints of tomatoes Sunday, I haven't made a lot of progress.  This picture was taken last night.  I have finished the flower I was working on her over lunch today.

Until next time!

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mdgtjulie said...

Oh, Sarah. It sounds like you have a LOT to deal with. I'm sorry to hear it, and especially about your mom. I will pray for a quick and mostly painless recovery for her.
Stitching looks good. I love the way your Chat looks. It's fabulous. Sending lots of hope your way!!!!