Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dorothy and Deep Blue

Hi all!  I'm posting from my phone again since I still can't get online from my computer right now.  I'm supposed to get some help with that later today. 
Yesterday I finished the first two pages of Dorothy Walpole. I'm really enjoying stitching her but decided to take a break from her for a bit. 
@Ineke:  Dorothy has a number of stitches.   They are Florentine, cross, petit point, eyelet, Queen, herringbone, and counted satin.
I've pulled Deep Blue Sea out for a bit. It was started around 2012's New Year.  I would really like to see a finish with it soon.  The picture is if part eight.  After that it looks like the parts get smaller.


Nicola said...

Both of your projects are looking good. Great start on Dorothy.

Annie said...

Gorgeous stitching! I really love those colors on the dark fabric.

Andie said...

gorgeous stitching as always :D