Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas Andie!!

Andie asked for a conversion for Swan Lake.  The conversion I worked out in the very last one under the conversions tab.  Let me know how it stitches up!

I made some changes to the Brooklyn piece last night, in part because a certain cat who shall remain nameless **cough Pita cough** decided the ribbon flower would be fun to play with.  After fixing the flower, I took off a couple of charms and moved a couple more around.  It's in the frame and ready to go.  Just need to take a picture and wrap it up.  It's for Ed's sister's could possibly be a step child some day.  Did you get that?  We'll just call her Josh's girlfriend to make it easier to understand lol!

I have one more to finish for Ed's youngest sister's daughter, Eden.  I did a different flower and stem last night.  Tonight, I just have to add the charms and whatever is going in the center of the flower.  I did learn my lesson though.  It is well protected from a curious little cat. 


Andie said...

O o o o o o o o ! Your Awesome! Think I just decided on my Xmas present from DH! lol
Oh dear about *cough Pita cough* lol looking forward to seeing all these finished :D

(p.s I think Vicky should give you discount roflol)

Joysze said...

Awesome!!! Andie mentioned it to me and I was like, oooooh, I'm sure Sarah will do it for you... and yes, I see she's super excited. HAHAHAHAH!!!!