Tuesday, December 20, 2011


In the midst of Christmas preparations, I've been stitching on other things too.  I just finished page 3 of Adriana that I'm stitching with the Sticklounge group.  This one works really well for a travel piece since it is stitched on 28 ct.  I've found that I have problems stitching on higher counts in the car. 

Please ignore the tax forms in the background.  This time of the month is really slow for me so I'm getting ready for sending out 1099s next month.  I also take really long lunches and stitch....and my boss is fine with that.lol!


Diane (di) said...

Sarah, I just clicked on the pic and enlarged it a bit... she's beautiful. Great job!!

Andie said...

Oh pretty! What are 1099's? :D

mdgtjulie said...

It's lovely, Sarah. I love the blues and greens in it. Grats on the progress!! And have fun with the 1099s!

Joysze said...

I love this.... have I said I loved this before? I'm sure I have.... and yet I can't help saying it over and over again. LOL!!!

Long lunches and stitching sounds heavenly. :D