Sunday, November 20, 2011

I finished part 2 of Adriana last night and sent this pic to the Sticklounge mods for the next part.  This one already has four parts released so I need to get moving on it a whole lot faster! 

I 'm also going to be stitching a page of Chelsea's Gift with 19 other stitchers from a couple of BBs she belonged to at the time of her death earlier this year.  It will be assembled as a quilt and sent to her husband and mom.  Quite the labor of love for a very special stitcher.

Anyway, I got my fabric in the mail yesterday from Peggy in Belgium (Thanks Peggy!) so I just need to go through my DMC and pull what I've got so I can see what I need to pick up.  I think Michaels has a 25% off entire coupon out and they just gave my $5 off my perchase with my rewards card.

I think for right now though, I'm going to pull Winter Watergarden back out today and see if I can get part 9 done.  Part 10 is easy too.  Then it would just be part 12 for a finish!

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Joysze said...

Sarah, this looks amazing!!! I love it.