Monday, November 14, 2011

Almost a finish

I just finished part 3 of Petit Sampler! 

If I wanted to, I could probably see this little piece finished by the weekend. But dark blue 40 ct needs to be stitched on in little parts. Besides, I think I'm going to be using another piece of this fabric for a Christmas gift for my sitter. She's another stitcher/quilter/sewer who actually appreciates stitched gifts. So, that's what she's gotten every year since the boys started going to her house.

Today, a link was posted to a christmas tree freebie that I really like.  I'm thinking of stitching one in white, one in red (probably a pink to make is show up on the dark fabric) and sew them together (along with some stuffing) with some beads for the bling.  I'm thinking finding an old block with the letter J for my boys or D for her name.  If I buy a skinny dowel and drill a hole in the block, I can stand the whole thing up.  Shouldn't take too long to put together and be something she could display...she really likes to decorate her house and this would fit in with Christmas and the Americana theme she has running thru the house.


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Joysze said...

The floss just pops on this fabbie, Sarah.

That Christmas tree is adorable!! Hmm... might have to think about that one. :D