Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I can't post an update pic of Spring Knotgarden yet since I seem to have left the camera cord at home, but I thought I would share my conversion from the charted colors to HDF.

I left all the DMC alone. 

Sea Moss WL 128 - Steelies 2447
Frangipani WL 187 - Attar of Roses 1221
Iris WL 209 - Dark Wisteria

Edmar Rayon Iris
IR 311 - Dragon Claw

Thread Gatherer Silk 'n Colors
Dark Forest SNC 089 -Old Maid of the Forest
Golden Pines SNC 181 - Befrogged (I happened to have a little golden pines, this is really close)
Young Asparagus SNC 251 - Victorian Mint
Marsh Grasses SNC 252 - Cactus (this is an old color that is no longer available.  It was a custom color (3165/3151 thru the mini forum at HDF)

Winter Brook GLO 071 - Examplar Salty Sea

Thread Gatherer Silk Perle
Meadowgrass SP 10 975 - Underbelly (premium silk)

Dinky Dye Silk perle
Mint Ice DD P 008 - Mermaid Blue 2309 (Premium silk)

Dinky Dyes Silk
Lemon Sherbet DD 12 - Lt. French Artichoke

Hopefully pictures will be coming tonight!

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