Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Conversions, take 2

I meant to put Frosty Knotgarden on my last post.  But the phone rang, and I spaced it...Sorry.

Frosty Knotgarden was one of the first Chatelaines I started converting some of the silks to HDF  Obviously, since then I've gotten braver at converting the fibers and I've saved the money I would have spent on the charted silks to buy more stash!!

Vikki's (the owner of HDF) conversions to Gloriana are really good.  Thus, those are the silks I started converting first and those are the only silks on Frosty that I converted.

Spanish Moss GLO 048 - Kail Slaw
Cobblestone GLO 126 - Lt. French Artichoke
Sage GLO 150 - Mountain Shadow

Now I'm going to work on those blasted roses on the corner of Frosty for a little while, then go back to work.



Karen said...

I have Desert Mandala completely kitted in HDF for the silks, and DMC; her Gloriana conversions ARE spot on - except for Deep Blue Sea - I still prefer the GLO in that, just because it is just a hair richer (and GLO is my fave silk, soooo, I splurge every now & then :) ) I tried to do MTM - but NO ONE has those turquoise NPIs even closely - so I forced myself to use those 5. It does have HDF black all over it though :)

mdgtjulie said...

I've never converted any of them, lol. I'm too afraid I'll get something that doesn't look right!! LOL, maybe I'm just a wuss!!

Sarah said...

Karen, I'll keep that in mind. I think it's Persian Iris Garden that has those same turquoise NPIs. Maybe when I get closer to starting it...