Monday, October 4, 2010

We had a fairly busy weekend. Not the busy I had planned on, but busy just the same.

Friday afternoon, I was planning on having to grind deer, lots and lots of deer all day Saturday. It seems that Nebraska has a problem. We have too many deer. So to thin the herds a little, Game and Parks had an early season. All you had to do was purchase an inexpensive permit and you would be allowed to shoot all the antlerless deer you could find in your sights. So I told Ed to shoot 'em up! I have a case of sausage seasoning that's not doing anything in the basement. Well, it seems my husband is a dumb ass. Ask him, he'll tell you. He was supposed to go and scout the land where he was going hunting with a couple of friends. But it seems that they were supposed to meet at noon Friday to do this so they could get an evening hunt in. Did Ed remember this small but important fact? Nope.

So the friends got mad, eventually and went off without Ed. Could they call him? Nope. Maybe I should call them dumb asses too. So they're mad at Ed and Ed's mad at them. Oh well.

Instead, we went and watched flag football Saturday morning. Jakob played really well. I was very proud of him. Didn't get much done Saturday, but I did get a Sticklounge piece framed. Just a simple little frame, but I think it shows off the fabric and the color of the stitching.

Yesterday I sanded the walls of Jakob's room. Then I came back upstairs for my little mud trough and saw someone parked in the drive way. Ed's dad was back but the sneaky man had made himself comfortable in the back yard with some beer and a paper while he waited for someone to come home. He said he'd opened the front door and called in but no one answered. Guess I had the music on a little loud while I was working. So...I finished putting another coat of mud on the wall and discovered that I must be getting better at this. The walls didn't look half bad! I'm hoping to sand and put the final coat on this week.

After I cleaned the mud off I went back to lacing Chatelaine's Autumn Watergarden onto foam core. Ed helped me hang it on the wall. I think it turned out really well. I tend to frame these very simply to better show off all the bling!

After I got every thing cleaned up after supper I stitched on Summer Knotgarden again for a little while till my book called too loudly to resist. Here's where I left off for the night. I really like the pop of color the pink flowers give.


Joysze said...

Hi Sarah! :D I love the framejobs on your 2 pieces and ISR is stunning on that red wall. The colors on your Summer Knotgarden are so vibrant on the light fabbie. What color is it?

Sarah said...

Hi Joysze! The fabric is actually a very light navy that I dyed myself!

Joysze said...

Great job on the self-dye fabbie. It fits the design to a tee. :D