Sunday, October 24, 2010

Here are some updated pics as promised. When Stars Collide is through part 8. I finished that part Friday while I was waiting for Jakob to get home from school so we could go up to the hospital.
Then you have Baumchen. This is through part 2. I have started on part 3 which is the upper right corner and hope to have that part done today. I should have taken this to the hospital with me. I took Summer Knotgarden instead and got a little done on the third corner of part two but the football game was on and my sister was playing with the boys. They don't see her very often so it was worth watching!
Then there's Lust. I'm still working on her arm and the colors are starting to look better. With just her forearm, I didn't like them at all! Once this page is finished, I'm hoping I like them a lot better!
Thanks for looking and all the well wishes!


Ineke said...

You did a lot of beautiful stitching again.
I am very sorry about your grandmother and hope they can make her feel comfortable.
Take care, hugs, Ineke

Joysze said...

Gorgeous WIPS. Loving the colors on Baumchen and Lust is coming along beautifully.