Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just thought I would post a little update. Here's where Frosty Knotgarden is currently. I just sent the boys outside to play and I will be following in a couple of minutes.

In the last week or so I joined a new group at Yahoo groups. It was called Marquoir but it is now called Sticklounge. It's a very active German group that has lots of free stitch alongs. They'll send you the first part of any open SAL, but in order to get the following parts, you have to share a picture with the group. Not hard, right?
Here is a mystery SAL to celebrate the name change in the group. It is a piece by Debbie Draper. I'm stitching on a piece of 28 ct opalescent I got from Sugar Maple Fabrics tha I bought to try out not long before she went out of business. I'm stitching with HDF Zumaque in SSR. Lovely color!!

This is another piece from Sticklounge. It's called Zentangle 2. Stitched on a random piece of 28 ct blue fabric. I'm stitching with HDF Nightmare in SSP.

This is/will be Jakob's room. He helped me clean it out last weekend. I just need Ed to build the wall to cover up the brick and hang drywall and I can get busy.

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