Monday, March 26, 2018

3/26/18 update

I guess my stitchy bug has taken a vacation so I've been bouncing from project to project trying to find one to catch my attention.

Here's where I left Blue Moroccan Lace.

 And I picked up Earth Song.  I am not in the mood for over 1 right now, especially on 25 ct Lugana.

 After.  I think I may have put in a couple hundred stitches.

When I went downstairs to dig through my WIPs I originally pulled Old European Sampler but I couldn't find the pattern.  So it became a choice between Chatelaine's Hawaiian Mandala and The Heritage Sampler.  Hawaii won out.  It has to be warm there, right?

and where I finished last night. 

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Marlene jones said...

I have picked out a new project to restart my stitching, just something simple to finish quickly.