Monday, December 11, 2017

Sea Witch

Last night I finished page 2 of Sea Witch.

I almost kept her out since most of the next page is black and would not have taken long to do but there are lots of other things to stitch!

The Forgotten from Tilton Crafts came out next.  It was one of my new starts this year and only had a few stitches in it.

As it turns out. Those were the wrong color so I frogged them and restitched them in the correct color.

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mdgtjulie said...

Oh, Sarah, boo hiss on the frog visiting you. I hate that nasty little thing, lol. Frog legs for dinner, I say!!! Grats on your page finish. It looks lovely so far. And glad you got some work in on your Tilton Crafts project. Now I have to go look it up and see if I need it on my wishlist, lol.