Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Faces of Fairy

Just a quick update.  I've had my Faces of Fairy 79 out since I finished Dorothy and hit some big patches of single colors instead of all the confetti I seem to have found last month.  



I'm only about 12 stitches from the bottom of the page.  

I started filling in her eye Sunday night and I'm not sure how the colors are going to work in the "white" of her eye, but I suppose I'll just have to trust that it will work out...at least till it doesn't.


Pull the other thread said...

This looks wonderful. Congrats on your progress. I wouldn't worry about the colours I often think that the colours in my HAED charts aren't going to work but once they are all in place they look amazing.

Annie said...

She's looking fantastic! I'm doing one of the Faces of Faeries and I had the same worry about the eyes, but I followed the chart and it looks great.
I bet you will be pleased with the result once you stitch it.
Good luck:)

Stitching Noni said...

Great progress :)

Jo said...

WOW! she's really coming along now. It's great when you get to a bit of solid stitching.