Sunday, March 18, 2012


I've been a busy stitcher this weekend!  AND I have Monday off since the kids don't have school!

Friday evening, I finished part 6 of Window.  DH still doesn't like my colors.  I've told him he's the only one.  I've gotten no other negative comments!

Here's page 2 of the Coat of Arms SAL I just finished.

I did remember to print off the final page of Adriana Friday before I left work so that is what's up next.



Diane (di) said...

Sarah, they are both gorgeous.

Tell DH, I LOVE the colors in Window. Men! ;)

Joysze said...

LOVE the colors in Window. Like, REALLY love. :D

Doubly love the color in Coat too. Does DH like this better? ;)

Anne said...

I really love the colours too!! They are gorgeous!! Love the greeny grey colour too for your Coat of Arms!!

Anonymous said...


Your WIP's are looking great!

Happy stitching.

Anonymous said...

Coming along very nicely. I love the color of your Coat of Arms SAL. And the window has great colors in it so DH is out of luck with his opinion. LOL ;D

Andie said...

Both look great Sarah! I love the colours in your window too :)