Monday, January 10, 2011

Looking at the dates on my posts, I didn't think it had taken a whole week to stitch part nine of the bottom right corner of Caribbean but it did. I wanted to get it done last night, but that didn't happen. Midnight crept up on me too fast!

Yesterday, it started snowing. And it is still snowing. Right now it looks like we've gotten around 3-4 inches of the cold white stuff. We're supposed to get another 3 today. I think winter has finally caught up with us. We spent most of December right around freezing or warmer. This week the highs are supposed to be in single digits. BRRRRRR! Last night I got a call from Jakob's school that said school was called off today. Yeah!! That meant another day of stitching!
Stay warm!


Joysze said...

Cuba looks fabulous!! I know how quickly time passes when you're stitching. I hope you can get it done tonight. Stay warm.

Beaupippin said...

This is looking really fab and I love it on the black fabric, well done!