Monday, December 20, 2010

We've had a busy week! First we seem to have adopted a new kitty. Can't decide if we have a male or a female, there's so much fuzz! But we have an appointment with the vet today for shots so the question should be answered then. So, let me introduce PITA, otherwise known as Pain In The Ass. I suggested this name as a joke, but my husband likes it so I guess, Pita it is.

Last week, I had heard a kitty outside in the mornings and thought it was just the neighbor's cat. Wednesday night, a neighbor stopped us on the walk home from daycare and asked if we knew who this kitten belonged to, none of us did. But she (we're hoping!) followed Jakob into the garage. Ed, in all his infinite wisdom (haha) decided the best way to catch her was to let her into the house. The rest, as they say is history!
Last night, I worked on the ceilings in the bedrooms downstairs. Ed is off for the next couple of weeks and needed something to do. We purchased sheets of cedar last weekend so he will line the closets with it and install the closet systems before he starts going through boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of "hunting stuff" that has been sitting in my basement since we moved back after the tornado. This is ceiling in Jakob's room. I did this just to see how it would turn out. Since it looked ok, I went ahead and did the rest of his room.

This is the closet in the guest room, where all the hunting clothes will, hopefully, soon live.

And Jakob's room. It is starting to look like a bedroom instead of an empty room in the basement. I'm hoping to be painting by the weekend. There's lots of drywall dust to be swept up and other cleaning to do first.

Sunday night, I finished Paladin by Fire Wing Designs. Jakob was mad at me because he wanted to stitch these. I haven't told him that this one is for him for Christmas. I've started Warrior and am making pretty good progress. Even if I don't quite make Christmas, it will be done and framed by the end of the year


Ineke said...

What a cute little kitty you found on your doorstep! She/he will have a loving and warm home with you. But you probably will have to groom it with all the fluffy hair.
When Ed is off for some weeks you could finish Jakob's room soon? You did a lot of work in it again.

Sarah said...

One of my first kitten related purchases was a new comb. Haven't needed one in quite a while! I'm hoping we can start moving Jakob into his new room by the end of the year. We're debating paint choices now. Right now, he wants blue or green with a horizontal stripe of the opposite color all the way around the room. I'll probably get the ceiling painted to seal it yet this week, as well as primer on the walls. Then we have to decide on wall and floor colors.