This is by no means a complete  list of my finishes.  I've been stitching for 30+ years and don't have the early ones plus a number of them probably ended up in Kansas courtesy of a tornado in 2004.  I continue to go through my pictures and add them as I find them.

Glory and Honor
finished 5/16/10

Chatelaine's Autumn Watergarden
finished 1/17/10

When Stars Collide (Sticklounge)
finished 11/29/10

Baumchen (Sticklounge)
finished 12/13/10

Fire Wing Designs Paladin
finished 12/19/10

Fire Wing Designs Warrior
finished 12/23/10

Chatelaine's Caribbean 
finished 2/3/11

Homage to Japan (Sticklounge)
finished 4/27/11

Lizzie Kate's One Hundred Years
finished 5/31/11

  •  Fruendschaftsherz (Sticklounge)
finished 7/11/11

Chatelaine's Frosty Knotgarden 
finished 9/28/11

Freebie stocking stitched into X-mas gift for my sitter
finished 12/16/11

Custom for family gift
finished 12/22/11

Custom for family gift
finished 12/22/11

Adriana (Sticklounge)
finished 3/20/12

Petit Sampler (Sticklounge)
finished 4/10/12

Part of Chelsea's Gift stitched by Love2Stitch group
finished 6/24/12

Chatelaine's Spring Watergarden
finished 7/3/12

Window (Sticklounge)
finished 12/5/12

1900 ABC (Sticklounge)
finished 1/20/13

Iris B (Sticklounge)
finished 3/25/13

Chatelaine's Deep Blue Sea
finished 4/11/13

ByGone Stitches One Nation
finished 5/20/13

Mystery 2013 (Sticklounge)
finished 6/23/13

Chatelaine's Summer Knotgarden
finished 7/19/13

Chatelaine's Watergarden
finished 2/25/14

Dorothy Walpole
finished 3/9/14

Chatelaine's Art Nouveau Sampler
finished 10/18/14

Chatelaine's Art Nouveau Sampler freebie
finished 10/25/14

Chatelaine's Embroidered Elegance 4
finished 12/1/14

Dimension's Gold kit Here Comes Santa tree skirt
finished 1/3/15

Chatelaine's Rose Garden Mandala 
finished 3/10/15

Chatelaine's 2012 Raffle Consolation Prize
finished 5/9/15

5 Little Pumpkins by The Cat's Whiskers
finished 7/12/15

HAED's Faces of Fairy 79
finished 9/26/15

Mill Hill's Glory and Honor (second time)
finished 1/27/16

Chatelaine's Medieval Octagon colorway 1
finished 5/1/16

Satsuma Street Designs Halloween Cat
finished 11/20/16

Nora Corbet's Zenia
finished 12/7/16

A Stitcher's Heart by Sekas & Co.
finished 12/11/16

Woodland Wonder by Glendon Place
finished 1/10/17

Santa's Sleigh
finished 11/6/17

Irish Chain
finished 1/20/18

Mirabilia's Garden Verses
finished 6/5/18

Needle Delights Originals
Color Delights - Aqua
finished 5/25/19

The Drawn Thread
Free and Brave
finished 5/29/19

Heaven and Earth Designs 
finished 6/30/19

Slater's Stocking from Shepherds Bush
finished 9/2/19

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