Monday, March 28, 2011

Anyone want a free husband? It seems that we had too much together time this weekend. For the last I don't know how many years, my DH has worked Sunday - Thursday. Sunday was the day for me and the boys. I got lots of stitching done on Sundays! Well, that has all changed. He got his schedule changed to a normal work week and we spent the whole weekend together. What's more, he decided that he needed to clean all day Sunday. He brought the shop vac in and cleaned every nook and cranny he could find. Ugh! I did get some stitching done this week though. First up is Purple Garden that I'm stitching with the Sticklounge group. There is a motif that goes in upper left corner but I'm debating on the colors. I just ordered some more of the darkest purple so it may wait till I get that. Then I pulled frosty Knotgarden back out. Apparently, I'm not getting enough winter themed Chatelaine! I don't know if this part of the border is supposed to be snow or what but it stitches up fairly quickly, if I get my stitching time. There is absolutely no way I'll have this finished by the time the next part of Winter Watergarden comes out Friday, but I'm hoping to have this side totally finished!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't get used to this or anything. I mean seriously, a post a day is a bit much but I just finished part 4 of Homage to Japan that I'm stitching with Sticklounge. This was a very easy piece which is what led to the daily post.

Now, on to Purple Garden, another piece with Sticklounge.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Winter Watergarden trees

Those trees seemed to be never ending. Yet, they are finally done!! It's amazing how much a little, or a lot, of back and long stitching can change lots of little x's into winter bare trees.

Now, should I pull out Homage to Japan or Purple Garden out? Probably Homage to Japan. I'm almost two parts behind on that one instead of just the one for Purple Garden.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Think spring!

It looks like Mother Nature has finally decided to let spring make an appearance in Nebraska! This little crocus is one o my favorite flowers. The hyacinth making an appearance beside it probably makes that list too. I really need to remember to buy some more of these bulbs this fall and fill in around the tree where these are.

This is how far I've stitched Lust this week. The far right side is the edge of the page. I probably could have finished this page in a week or so, but I got really tired of the reds and purples. I'll probably be back before too long.

Then there's Winter Watergarden. This is the second corner completed as of yesterday afternoon. I'm almost done with the third corner today but I didn't want to take it off the qsnaps to take a picture. You'll probably see it next when part three is all the way done.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Instead of continuing on with Winter Watergarden or starting on the European Sampler I pulled Lust back out this week.  I didn't make a lot of progress till this weekend, but I have made a lot this weekend between loads of laundry.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Don't you just love a Sunday when you can just be lazy and do whatever you want? That's what today has been like so far and it's already 4pm. Unfortunatly Ed informed me last week that he's only got 6 more weeks that he works Sunday-Thursday. He will be going back to a regular work week. Bummer! I really liked Sunday's that didn't involve anything but me, my kids, some laundry and most importantly, lots of stitching!

Last night, I got my first corner of part 3 of Winter Watergarden done. There are a LOT of color changes in those little trees. I got them all done yesterday but it took all day and there isn't that much stitching in them. I've started the next corner, but I'm not really feeling trees right now I guess. I haven't made a lot of progress today.
While the boys were napping, I cut a piece of 40ct Creme Brulee from HDF so I can start this

Here's my floss toss. Note the manilla envelope in the background? I'm supposed to be doing taxes too! In my defense, I've started, I just need to get half a dozen more pieces of paper rounded up and we're all set. Don't tell my DH that though. He thinks he needs a Harley Davidson. I think property taxes are more tell me! I've also told him he needs to quit smoking for a month and I'll consider it. I'll keep you updated on that one.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Well, work has been a little hectic this week so I didn't get my part 2 of Winter Watergarden done as quickly as I would have liked. Our server went down and could not be recessitated on January 31st. It was so old that we had to have the data restored and put into a brand spankin new server...which took time and a rather large chunk of money...lesson learned...always back up your computer/server/whatever. It's much cheaper in the long run.
February turned out to be very stitchy for me at work though. After all, there is only so much cleaning that can be done, right?

Everything came back online and user friendly Tuesday. Of course, Jakob decided that running a temp for two days was the way to go. Unfortunately for him, he had to come to work with me since he only running the temp.
Without my daily stitching time over my lunch hour this week, I've slowed way down. But I've finally finished part 2 of Winter Watergarden done. Yea!